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  • Silvia Buscaglione

A Wearable System with Embedded Conductive Textiles and an IMU for Unobtrusive Cardio-Respiratory...

Updated: Sep 6, 2021


Di Tocco, J., Raiano, L., Sabbadini, R., Massaroni, C., Formica, D., & Schena, E. (2021). Sensors, 21(9), 3018.


The continuous and simultaneous monitoring of physiological parameters represents a key aspect in clinical environments, remote monitoring and occupational settings. In this regard, respiratory rate (RR) and heart rate (HR) are correlated with several physiological and pathological conditions of the patients/workers, and with environmental stressors. In this work, we present and validate a wearable device for the continuous monitoring of such parameters. The proposed system embeds four conductive sensors located on the user’s chest which allow retrieving the breathing activity through their deformation induced during cyclic expansion and contraction of the rib cage. For monitoring HR we used an embedded IMU located on the left side of the chest wall. We compared the proposed device in terms of estimating HR and RR against a reference system in three scenarios: sitting, standing and supine. The proposed system reliably estimated both RR and HR, showing low error averaged along subjects in all scenarios. This is the first study focused on the feasibility assessment of a wearable system based on a multi-sensor configuration (i.e., conductive sensors and IMU) for RR and HR monitoring. The promising results encourage the application of this approach in clinical and occupational settings.

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