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  • Silvia Buscaglione

Adaptive Event-Triggered Control for Nonlinear Systems With Asymmetric State Constraints:

A Prescribed-Time Approach

Wang, Z., Lam, H.K, Guo, Y., Xiao, B., Li, Y., Su, X., Yeatman, E.M., Burdet, E. (2022)

IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control.


Finite/Fixed-time control yields a promising tool to optimize a system's settling time, but lacks the ability to separately define the settling time and the convergence domain (known as practically prescribed-time stability, PPTS). We provide a sufficient condition for PPTS based on a new piecewise exponential function, which decouples the settling time and convergence domain into separately user-defined parameters. We propose an adaptive event-triggered prescribed-time control scheme for nonlinear systems with asymmetric output constraints, using an exponential-type barrier Lyapunov function. We show that this PPTS control scheme can guarantee tracking error convergence performance, while restricting the output state according to the prescribed asymmetric constraints. Compared with traditional finite/fixed-time control, the proposed methodology yields separately user-defined settling time and convergence domain without the prior information on disturbance. Moreover, asymmetric state constraints can be handled in the control structure through bias state transformation, which offers an intuitive analysis technique for general constraint issues. Simulation and experiment results on a heterogeneous teleoperation system demonstrate the merits of the proposed control scheme.

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