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  • Silvia Buscaglione

Validation of Vibrotactile Feedback to Improve Selective Motor Units Recruitment

D. Deiana, M. Pinardi, A. Noccaro, M. Iandoli, G. Di Pino and D. Formica (2023)

IEEE International Symposium on Medical Measurements and Applications (MeMeA) pp. 1-5,


To exploit the benefits of treadmill-based exoskeletons, it is crucial to assess possible deviations from natural walking depending on assistive parameters. This study evaluated the biomechanics of exoskeleton-assisted treadmill walking by comparing it with free gait. Five healthy participants walked freely on a treadmill and with the assistance of the Lokomat gait trainer, while changing Body Weight Support (BWS), Gait Speed (GS), and Guidance Force (GF). Results showed that the hip and knee joint kinematics depended on BWS and GS, while changes due to GF were limited. Moreover, joint kinematics and the activity of related muscles were altered with respect to free gait, for any combination of robot parameters in the case of the ankle, and especially for low GS and with BWS in the case of hip and knee. Overall, walking with the Lokomat can mostly resemble free gait at high speed and without BWS.

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