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  • Silvia Buscaglione

Enhancing Human-Human Musical Interaction with Haptic Feedback and Wearable Technologies: Theoretical Foundations, Practical Scenarios, and Limitations.

Michałko, A., Di Stefano N., Campo A., & Leman, M (2023)

Frontiers in Psychology. (under review)


In this perspective paper, we explore the use of haptic feedback to enhance human-human interaction during musical tasks. We start by providing an overview of the theoretical foundation that underpins our approach, which is rooted in the embodied music cognition framework, and by briefly presenting the concepts of action-perception loop, sensorimotor coupling and entrainment. Thereafter, we focus on the role of haptic information in music playing and we discuss the use of wearable technologies, namely lightweight exoskeletons, for the exchange of haptic information between humans. We present two experimental scenarios in which the effectiveness of this technology for enhancing musical interaction and learning might be validated. Finally, we briefly discuss some of the theoretical and pedagogical implications of the use of technologies for haptic communication in musical contexts, while also addressing the potential barriers to the widespread adoption of exoskeletons in such contexts.

DOI: 10.3389/fpsyg.2024.1327992

2024_Michalko_Enhancing Human-Human Musical Interaction with Haptic Feedback and Wearable
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