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  • Silvia Buscaglione

Foot gestures to control the grasping of a surgical robot

Y Cheng, Y Huang, Z Wang and E Burdet (2023)

IEEE Int Conf on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) 6844-50


Many surgical tasks require three or more tools working together, where a hands-free interface could extend a surgeon's actions to control a third surgical tool. However, most current interfaces do not allow skilled control of grasping critical to robotic manipulation. Here we first present a systematic study to identify efficient and intuitive interaction strategies to control grasping of a surgical tool. A series of experiments were conducted to evaluate six foot pressure-based gestures. Based on the results, three modular novel foot-machine interfaces were developed, which can be integrated with other motion control interfaces. The identified interaction strategies were implemented to control a laparoscopic tool in a surgical simulator, and evaluated in a user study. The results illustrate how naive participants can operate grasping yielding smooth and pick & place operation.

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