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  • Silvia Buscaglione

Influence of musical context on sensorimotor synchronization in classical ballet solo dance

Talebi, M., Campo, A., Aarts, N., Leman, M. (2023)



Several studies have addressed motor coordination in dance, but few have addressed the influence of musical context on micro-timing during sensorimotor synchronization (SMS) in classical ballet. In this study, we analyze the Promenade in Arabesque of the Odile variations, first as a dance-music fragment non-embedded in a musical context, then as a dance-music fragment embedded in a musical context at two different instances. Given the musical structure of the fragments, there are repeats of patterns between and within the fragments. Four dancers were invited to perform the three fragments in twelve successive performances. The beats of the music were extracted and compared with the timing of the dancers’ heel movements, using circular-linear smooth regression modelling, and circular statistics. The results reveal an effect of repeat within fragments, and an effect of musical context between fragments, on micro-timing anticipation in SMS. The methodology offers a framework for future work on dynamical aspects of SMS.

2023_Talebi_Influence of musical context on sensorimotor synchronization in classical ball
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